No luck with 2017 MacBook


I am trying to use this adapter with my 2017 Macbook 13-inch computer. My MacOS software is all up to date. I installed the ASIX device driver directly from the ASIX web site, so I have the latest version of that too.

My issue is that I cannot even ping the router to which the adapter is connected. The router assigns an IP address and a DNS server to the Macbook, and these are both valid.

This leads me to believe that the router, plugable adapter, and computer are all successfully exchanging data packets. Yet, when I try to ping, I get “request timeout”.

Any suggestions?


Hello David,

Thanks again for reaching out to us! I wanted to check in with you, and see how things were going with the adapter. I’d like to try and establish what the situation is at this point. Were you able to test the situation out at home, and ping the router outside of your corporate network?

More importantly, are you able to get Ethernet access with the adapter in the corporate Environment? I have been able to ping our main router with the adapter. It would be very helpful to know how the adapter performs outside your corporate environment, and if you are able to get an internet connection. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with our product. If the adapter isn’t working out we can provide a full refund. I hope to hear back from you soon!

Thank you,

Product Owner


No luck with home network either. Situation is the same at home and at work: I can obtain a DNS address via DHCP, but I cannot get any network traffic through the wire.

I have given up on this adapter. I am using an adapter that uses a different chipset and it works OK.

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