No Extend option in WDP Display options menu in Win & Starter on Asus Eee PC

installed plugable usb 2.0 UGA on Asus Eee PC with windows starter 7. There is no extend option in the Windows Display Properties (WDP) Orientation menu. It will only support the Duplicate option.

Hi David,

Unfortunately, Windows 7 Starter Edition specifically disables multi-monitor (ability to extend). It also disables aero.

You can read more about all the limitations Microsoft placed on this version here:…

Fortunately, Starter Edition is not common in the USA. Unfortunately, it’s frustrating when you get bit by it.

We don’t ever want customers stuck with hardware that isn’t right for them. Unless you have another PC to use the adapter with, you should return for a full refund. We offer no-hassle 30-day returns via…

Best wishes and sorry we don’t have a happier answer!