no .exe file windiows 7 64 bit

windows 7 drivers for usb 2 ethernet unit have no .exe file - how on earth are they supposed to work ?
unit is usb2.0 ethernet adapter

Hi Zara,

Thanks for posting here, we’ll be able to help. There are drivers included on the CD-ROM that came with the USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter or they will be automatically downloaded and installed from Windows Update when you plug the device into your computer if you have another working network connection and Windows update is enabled on your machine.

To install from CD, just put the CD in and navigate to the Windows folder, there you should see a setup program.

If that’s not working or available, you can also download the drivers here:

You’ll want to be sure to get the drivers that match your device as we have two USB 2.0 Ethernet adapters, at 10/100 and a 10/100/1000.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


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