No Ethernet connection

So I just added the UD-3900 for a user’s laptop, downloaded new drivers, etc and all is good EXCEPT no Ethernet. No lights on the Plugable, but cable is definitely good when plugged directly into laptop.

We have CAT6 network, Cisco switch, etc. the the problem is with the Plugable. (I have other on same network - same laptop model too, without error.)

Is there a driver or something that didn’t install? I got no errors with the new drivers I downloaded. Win7 Pro


Hi there,

Thanks for posting, and appreciate the details! If the eth port in the dock is defective, we’re of course happy to provide a warranty replacement.

One quick follow-up to check on before proceeding with that. The DisplayLink Ethernet implementation requires a full-duplex connection to achieve a link. The main culprit we see that causes a half-duplex non-functional connection are network hubs (not likely based on your description of the environment) and VOIP phones in line between the drop and the dock.

Could you please email (Ticket# 191490) and let us know regarding the VOIP phone? If that’s not the culprit, we’ll move quickly towards replacement.