No Detection After Initial Install (additonal info that I hope leads to a solution)

The message i get after rebooting several times is that USB device malfunctioned. And windows update doesn’t update to rectify. Is the the device dead? Very bummed since the Amazon reviews were great and I just took it out of the package today!

Hi Jerry - Don’t worry, it sounds like the device was working at at first - we’ll be able to get it working again. In the unlikely case there’s something fundamental wrong, replacements or returns can be handled quickly.

So … on to figuring it out.

In your first message, you said you returned the HDMI cable and bought a longer one. So everything was working fine with the original, shorter cable, but you returned it to (the store?) to get a longer one, and the setup hasn’t worked since? Is that correct? Or explain again so we’ve got it.

Now, based on your second message where you mention the LED light not coming on the adapter, that would not normally be caused by the HDMI cable – rather it points to the USB connection. Where do you have the USB cable plugged in on the PC side - direct to the PC, or through a USB hub? Is the hub powered? Did you change anything about that, at the same time you swapped HDMI cables (when the setup went from working to non-working)?

Where you mention “it appears the software did not install” – If things were working with the adapter at one point, and the displaylink software wasn’t explicitly uninstalled, then it’s still there.

On this 3rd post, you mention Windows is saying the device malfunctioned – where are you seeing this message, and what is the message exactly?

In general, what I’d suggest is this: If you have a VGA cable around and the monitor supports it, first try connecting the adapter and the monitor with that VGA cable (You’ll need the DVI->VGA adapter from the Plugable box).

If that doesn’t work, and the LED on the adapter doesn’t come on, make sure the adapter is plugged directly into the PC (not through any hubs).

Once we confirm that’s working, we can step-by-step try the long HDMI cable and other aspects of your setup, until we identify where the problem is.

If all the questions are too much, please feel free to email, too – we can cover all the back-and-forth in email to understand what’s happening. We’ll get it figured out.

Best wishes,