No Connection

Installed software and USB Serial Converter, assigned it to COM1, assigned the devices software to COM1 also, but the computer and device do not recognize each other. Windows Vista, Dell Studio laptop (USB port), connecting to Dynojet 250I Chassis Dyno (Serial Cable).

Hi John,

Thanks for posting here, I’ll be happy to help! Sorry to hear you are having issues getting your serial connection to the Dynojet 250I Chassis Dyno working with our serial cable.

I want to double check so I’m sure I understand correctly –

You have the WinPep software installed and running – correct?

The cable drivers are installed and the cable (COM port) can be seen from WinPep – also correct?

If that’s the case then the warning at the following page may be correct:

It looks like they are warning against using any USB to serial cables on the Dynojet web site.

Take a look at the following page and let me know if it’s relevant to your Dynojet:…

If so, you may not be able to use our USB to serial cable. The Plugable USB to serial cable creates a standard DB 9 connection so if the Dynojet is using the standard serial communications protocol it should work, but there’s a chance that with theres a driver that’s installed along with the Dynojet software that doesn’t work with the driver software necessary to create the USB to serial connection.

You may be able to get a more definitive answer from Dynojet. Let me know if I missed something on the page I linked to and I’ll be happy to keep digging.


Plugable Technologies