No connection at all with ThinkPad X1 Tablet

I bought a ThinkPad X1 Tablet and a plugable UD-CA USB-C Docking Station and tried to connect the two. Unfortunately, using the USB-C cable that came with the docking station I haven’t been able to achieve any connection at all.

The docking station is connected to power (as indicated by the blue power LED), but when I connect it to the tablet, the green charging LED only comes up for a second or so and then fades away.

I get no indication on the tablet that any device has been connected, neither the USB devices connected to the docking station, nor the display connected to the docking station or the ethernet connection.

Is this because the two devices are utterly incompatible, or do I have a broken docking station or USB-C cable?

Hello Arne,

Unfortunately I suspect that the two are incompatible. We’re trying to buy as many systems to test with as we can but we don’t have an X1 yet, however, other USB-C systems from Lenovo have not had promising test results.

I suspect that the best coarse of action may be to return the dock for a full refund. We’ll also mark this system as being incompatible on our compatibility charts.


Hi Josh,

thanks for the quick and candid reply. It will give me plenty of time to return not only the docking station, but the tablet as well.

No problem. Glad to assist.