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I just recieved and installed a USB 3.0 board from Amazon. there was NO Adapter cable included, I bought one from Amazon for $3.59 + $8.02 for shipping. Where do you hook it up to, I have a Dell XPS-700. How do I get refunded for NO CABLE?
When it is powered up I get 2 blue lights. My 3.0 USB drive has not arrived yet, do I need the cable?

Hi Bill,

Can you say more about which cable you are referring to? If it’s the molex to sata power cable, I apologize for the oversight, we’ll be happy to ship you one and you could return the one you purchased back to Amazon for a refund.

Most modern power supplies have SATA power connections. hence the Molex to SATA cable. However some have direct Molex connectors in which case you could connect direct to a free power cable with out the Molex to SATA cable. In practice though, we haven’t seen any use cases where the supplemental power was required. The PCI-e bus is able to provide enough power for both of the two USB 3.0 ports to operate.

If you would like us to send over a Molex to SATA connector cable, just send your address and Amazon Order ID to

We’re here to help,

Plugable Technologies

thanx for the immediate reply! I’ll wait till my portable drive comes in before I persue this any further. For all the hassle retuning the cable to Amazon, I will just put it in my "bulging"odd cable box! You guys are what we all look for in support of our oddball problems!!
thanx again,
Bill mosher

Glad to help!

Let us know how it goes.