No Audio Via HDMI to Vizio M37

I have a USB-C Mini Docking Station Model UD-CAM and I just hooked it up to a Vizo M37 TV/Monitor. The docking station is working fine, video is great @ 4K, but no audio is coming through the HDMI to the TV. I can get audio through the front audio jack but not the HDMI. I am running Win 10 on a Dell XPS 9300. I have tried Window sound setup and test and the audio is fine on the laptop speakers, the front audio connector on the docking adapter but not through the HDMI. Windows is obviously talking through the HDMI because the picture is fine and it correctly identifies it as M437-G0 (Intel Display Audio). What next?

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I’d like to start investigating this sound issue through your Vizio TV by obtaining the specific model of display that you own. I’m afraid I cannot find a specific model under “Vizio M37”.

Could you please provide a link to the TV if possible?

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Sorry. M437-G0

I’m using HDMI 2 for this connection.

No worries, thank you for the specific model and link.

Let’s first ensure that the “M437-G0 (Intel Display Audio)” playback device is set as the default one. In case this is not set already, you can do so by performing the following steps:

  1. Press the “Windows Key” + R, then type “control mmsys.cpl” (no quotation marks). Press Enter
  2. Under the Playback tab, right-click on the M437-G0 (Intel Display Audio) entry, then select Set as default device
  3. Click Apply, then Done

Based off your initial post, it sounds like when you right-click on this entry and click Test, you’re not hearing the test chime at all. Let’s explore further into the TVs sound settings. The manual shows me that the internal speakers need to be set to “On”, so let’s check this.

  1. Using the TVs buttons or remote, navigate to Menu > Audio > OK
  2. Ensure Speakers is set to On



OK. So this is screwy. Now, of course it was working. Previously I had the default set to my PC speakers but I used the Audio Control in the system tray to set the audio device to M437-G0 Intel Display Audio. Also I had the internal speakers set to Auto, not ON. Now that it is working I 1) changed the internal speakers back to Auto and it still works & 2) I changed the default back to Speakers (Realtek) - the PC speakers and I used the Audio Control in the system tray to set the audio device to M437-G0. I’m very glad it’s working now, but I wish I knew what was different!!

Thanks for your help. Apparently you’re just magic!!

I’m glad to hear you were able to tinker around with the sound settings to get this setup working.

Hopefully that will continue to work as expected. I’ll be closing thread, but please feel free to open a new post or reach out to us at if you have any more questions.

Thank you!