No audio to projector

Using this device to connect to an Epson projector. Connecting the HDMI cable from the UGA-2KHDMI has a great picture as it is an LED projector. However, there is no audio output to the projector speakers. The Sound Properties shows the connection as:
Not plugged in

I also cannot change the audio to set this as default, probably because it appears to be inactive as “not plugged in”

The driver is 9.2.2212.0 and, as usual, MS reports that “The device is working properly!”

I have tried different HDMI cables and different HDMI ports on the projector to no avail.


I reached out on this issue privately, and after analyzing logs, determined that this adapter was likely defective. The device was dropping off of USB periodically, so we sent a replacement out that should hopefully fix the issue.

@JimDandy Please report back if you get the chance and let us know if everything is working as expected!

After getting some additional information on Jim’s setup, it was determined that the root cause of this was an HDMI switch placed between the UGA-2KHDMI and the projector. Taking the switch out of the path fixed the issue, but the switch was a required part of this setup, so we helped Jim with a return for a full refund.

HDMI switches often introduce signal integrity issues causing odd behaviors like this, so for that reason we don’t typically recommend using them with our USB graphics devices. If you’re trying to troubleshoot an issue like this, the best first step is to remove any intermediary devices between the graphics adapter and the monitor/projector.