No Audio (NIX Capture Card)

Hello! I’ve tried so much to get this to work but am having issues. The video works perfect (with some filters added) but I am getting no audio.

For context, I am using one PC (laptop) to play games, and another (desktop) to stream it to Twitch. The stream PC is picking up my game PC’s video but I am not getting any audio from the game PC.

Both PCs are running Windows. I am using streamlabs OBS on my stream PC. The capture card shows up as “FHD Capture” on both the Video Capture Device and the Audio Input Device. I am playing audio on my game PC as well as speaking into my microphone but nothing is showing up.

Is NIX supposed to pick up audio, or do I need some other digital way to pipe audio to my stream PC? Or do I need a mixer?

Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be more than happy to assist you.

On the PC that you’re gaming on, I presume you are normally able to get sound output over the HDMI to the monitor/TV? If so, is sound still working there through the HDMI pass-through port on the capture card?

If you’re able to confirm the audio output from the HDMI is working, then we’ll know the issue is likely in OBS. Otherwise it could be a configuration issue for how the audio is being output from the gaming PC.

If you’re normally outputting audio via the computer with speakers/headset, you’ll have to change the output to go through the HDMI out to the capture card instead.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Senior Engineer | Product Owner
Plugable Technologies

Hi Joshua, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure its an OBS issue because I’ve tried on normal OBS and Streamlabs OBS with the same effect. I’ve also connected it to my TV and audio is working fine. Any ideas?

Hello Ignacio,

The Plugable Performance NIX HDMI Capture Card is able to accept PCM audio streams over the HDMI input. PCs shouldn’t have a problem outputting audio in this format.

The NIX presents the audio it gets from the HDMI connection as a ‘Digital Audio Interface’ input.

You should be able to test whether the audio input is working without involving OBS by going into the Windows sound control panel, then open the properties for the Digital Audio Interface under the ‘Recording’ tab. From here, there is a ‘Listen’ tab, with a checkbox that enables listening to the audio being captured by the capture card.

Try enabling that option, then click apply and see if you can hear the audio being captured. Remember to disable it after you’re done checking the audio input.

Hi Joshua, I tried what you said but there is no audio coming out. Any ideas?

Hello Ignacio,

I just sent you an email with instructions to arrange a replacment of the capture card. Please reply back to that message when you get a chance. I’ll continue to work with you via email.


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