Nix capture card not working with obs on macbook pro

Just received Nix capture Card and im trying to use it in OBS streaming studio. When I select it all i get is a black screen. i tried to follow the instructions from another thread but in the properties there is no “deactivate” option… Im using the latest version of obs and latest version of. mac os catalina 10.15.4. please help

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately OBS removed the deactivate option recently.

Instead, you may need to unplug the USB connection from your NIX capture card for a moment, then plug it back in, to effectively accomplish the same task.

Let me know how that goes. If there are still problems we can look into it further.


Was this resolved? Experiencing the same issue.

Hello Damon,

Please make sure that OBS is up-to-date, and try the same procedure of unplugging and reconnecting the capture card after everything is setup according to our guides. If there are still issues, please reply back and I can help to look into it further.


Now the screen will show for a quick second and then go away in OBS. Any suggestions? Thanks.


I have discovered the solution. Unplugging my xbox one did the trick. I have no idea why or how, but thought this could help some other customers.