Nix Capture Card- Black Screen Streamlabs OBS

I have a Nix Capture card that I am connecting to a windows computer with the USB-A adapter. I know the card is working because the out HDMI cord is projecting my PS4 game to the TV. However, I am trying to get the game image to show up in StreamLabs OBS. I followed the guide online, and I get the game audio, but all that I get is a black screen for the video.

Please help me get the video of my game to show in StreamLabs OBS.

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Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry to hear that you are running into this issue, but I would be more than happy to assist.

The Plugable Performance NIX HDMI Streaming & Capture Card does not support the recording or streaming of HDCP content (except via the pass-through, as this will allow HDCP content to be show on the connected display) so in order to see the source input from the Playstation 4, you will need to disable HDCP. Just to make sure everything is connected and working properly, please follow these instructions:

  1. Head into OBS, and right click on the “Video Capture Device” source you created (it may have been renamed) and select “Properties”
  2. Inside of the Properties menu, you should see a “Deactivate” button. Please click this button.
  3. Close out of the Properties menu, and disconnect the HDMI cable from your PS4 Pro to the “in” port on the capture card.
  4. Connect the HDMI cable from the “out” port to the back of your PS4 Pro (This way, the display that was being passed through is now connected directly to the PS4 Pro)
  5. Once the PS4 Pro is properly connected, we need to disable HDCP. To disable this feature, select (Settings) > [System] and then clear the checkbox for [Enable HDCP].
  6. Once it has been disabled, please connect the HDMI cable on the back of the PS4 Pro, back to its original position on the “out” port of the capture card.
  7. Connect an HDMI cable from the PS4 Pro to the “in” port on the capture card.
  8. Once connected, head back into OBS, right click the Video Capture Device, select Properties.
  9. Inside of the properties menu, click the “Activate” button.

Can you now see the content inside of StreamLabs OBS?

Thank you for your time,
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Hi! Yes this worked!! Thank you so much!

Hi There,

Fantastic! I appreciate you working through those instructions, as they are rather lengthy. I am so glad to hear that everything is now connecting and recording properly. If you have any additional questions or concerns, or require any assistance in making sure you streaming experience is as awesome as it could be, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

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