Nix Capture Card Audio will not sync! [FIXED read 3rd post!]

So I followed all the instructions and I’m using Streamlabs for streaming. No matter what I change the offset to in the mixer settings the audio is still not syncing. It changes nothing when I do this. Ive tested it recording a video to my hard drive with streamlabs record feature. Please any help will be great, otherwise its a awesome product but this audio delay is a huge problem.

Ok it seems to be a little better now, not sure exactly what I did different. But it still has a little delay. I have changed the offset from anywhere to 200 to 1000 and it makes zero difference. So my question to the developers is… Is there a firmware on the Nix and is it possible to upgrade through the USB cable? If so is this a planned issue to resolve if that’s possible through firmware? We shouldn’t have to adjust a offset at all. My Avermedia that I replaced with the Nix captures audio perfectly fine with no delay or setting change required. I only bought the Nix because the Aver was a CPU hog with the video decoding.


FIXED! Followed instructions from this YouTube Video. You guys need to update the website with this info!
Zero delay with zero need to change offset now, works great!


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