NIR sensing with Plugable USB 2.0 camera?

I have a recent model Plugable USB 2 camera similar to… …what is the spectral range of this camera? I need to see a 870-890nm near-infrared source.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, we are not sure if you have a Plugable device or not so that we can confirm functionality.

I just tested the microscope that you linked and was able to observe infrared signals from a few remotes. Outside of the IR range, you may able to view slightly outside this range, but as a consumer-grade device, it is unlikely. Unfortunately we don’t have specific range numbers from the manufacturer as a result.

If you want us to confirm compatibility, could you please send a message to with Ticket #229771 in the subject line along with your Amazon order number and what device(s) you are using to observe the desired spectral range?


Derek Nuzum
Plugable Technologies

Thanks very much, Derek. I have responded with my order details etc as you requested.

Remote controls typically operate at about 940nm, so the fact you could see them with the camera is good news-- my shorter-wavelength diode (a VCSEL) should be more visible.