Nexus 7 tablet, plugable usb hub, for portable storage

Trying to figure out if a powered usb hub would work for an external hard drive like a wd passport. I know the Nexus 's micro usb will support up to 32 gig flash drives after rooting.

Hi Wayfarer,

Thanks for asking! We’re just testing the Google Nexus 7 with our USB devices. We’re doing all our testing without rooting the device, however. So, as you know, the Nexus 7 doesn’t currently have any support for USB Mass Storage that way.

With a USB OTG table (purchased separately), we’ve confirmed that our 10/100 Ethernet adapter works for delivering wired Ethernet (faster than wifi) with the Nexus 7

A powered USB hub like… should work with the Nexus 7 and multiple devices, including keyboards and mice, and (if the Nexus 7 has been rooted) powered hard disks – as long as disks of that capacity are supported (as you’re already thinking about).

If you do discover what the capacity limits turn out to be for rooted 7’s, please post back here – I’m sure others would be interested.

Thanks again for posting and and asking!

Did find this. Google Play now has a Nexus Media Importer app. Using it and a USB OTG cable, one can hook the Nexus 7 to a flash drive of at least 32 gigs or a usb card reader all without rooting so that the warranty stays in effect. Haven’t bought the Nexus 7 yet but if I do I will test it with a powered usb hub and a wd passport. There is also some question as to how the Nexus 7 deals with terabyte sized hd’s.…

Thanks for these updates! Another quick note on the “Nexus Media Importer” Google Play Store app – it’s 3rd party, $1.99, and unfortunately the author has recently had to remove exFAT support (Microsoft patents). So there are some things to consider. Thanks again!