Nexus 7 not recognizing usb 2.0 4-port hub.


Purchased the Plugable USB 2.0 4-port hub for use with my Nexus 7 jelly bean os. Nexus 7 will not recognize the plugable usb 2.0 4-port hub, unable to download pics with card reader in usb port and will not recognize charging operation. The tablet and hub are connected using an OTG cable to the Nexus7’s micro port.


Hi Merrill,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! If you could please send us your Amazon OrderID to we’ll be happy to help troubleshoot. A couple of quick things to double check would be:

  1. Is the charging behavior for Nexus 7 the same regardless of if the hub is connected to a computer?
  2. If you connect just the Nexus 7 device to the hub and connect the hub to a computer, is the device recognized?
  3. Is the behavior the same regardless of which port you use on the hub?

Shoot us an e-mail and we’ll help however we can!



Amazon order ID 110-9421455-9151443

  1. With the hub plugged into my HP laptop usb 2.0 port with Windows 7 there is no charging to the computer. The hub has a blue indicator light indicating power to the hub.
  2. I don’t have the cables necessary to connect hub and tablet to computer at the same time, but I can download photos to computer with SD reader connected to hub. I can also download photos to Nexus using same SD reader.
  3. All hub ports operate the same using SD reader and computer. The Nexus recognizes the SD reader when connected directly connected to Nexus, but will not recognize SD reader when connected to hub and then to Nexus.


Hi Merrill,

Thanks for checking that. Just to confirm, you have the nexus 7 connected to an OTG cable, that is then connected to the 4 port hub? Charging would not be possible in this scenario per USB specs. The Nexus 7 should charge successfully if connected directly to the hub via the USB sync/charge cable that it came with. Let me know if this is not the case!

As far as being able to read from the SD card, since the Nexus 7 relies on 3rd party apps to accomplish this, functionality may differ between apps, and reading from a device via hub may or may not be supported. Which file management app are you currently using?



The Nexus 7 has a micro port only, so a otg cable is the only option for connecting to an external device. My Uspeed card reader connects to the otg cable and downloads pics with no problem. The andriod apps I use for photo viewing are Aviary and PicsArt Viewer. Do you have any idea what 3rd party app is compatable with the Plugable hub? Thanks Merrill


Hi Merrill,

Without having tested your setup it’s hard for us to say which app will work for sure, but you may want to try a file management app such as “ES file explorer” or "File Manager HD (Tablet). If the app does not recognize mass storage devices via external hubs however, the behavior wouldn’t be any different between the Plugable hub and other hubs.

Sorry we can’t help with a specific solution in this case. Let us know if you have any other questions.



Will try those apps.