New Plugable USB ethernet adapter stops working on Chromebooks


I have 6 Plugable USB-ethernet adapters that I use with 4 chromebooks and 2 Asus Nexus tablets.

I just bought another one and it is slightly different from the older ones I have - the cord is shorter and the case around the ethernet is smaller.

The problem is that it just stops working for no reason. It feels very hot - like it is overheating. The lights stop working when this happens. Then it suddenly will come back and start working again, and then stop again.

However sometimes it won’t start even when I just open the chromebook and it is cool. I then have to completely restart the chromebook (shut down and restart) and then it works.

If I unplug the USB plug and then plug it in, it still won’t start. Note on my older ones if I did this, it would start right away.

I’m using this on a Chromebook Acer C720 4Gb 16Gb SSD.

Is it possible this one is defective? Or is this the way the new ones work? Can I get another of the older models?


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contacting us about your USB Ethernet adapter. I’m sorry it is not working for you.

As you have noticed, we have made the adapters somewhat smaller, but the operation should be the same. They do get a little warm with use, but not excessively hot. They shouldn’t stop working.

It sounds like your adapter is defective and I would like to send you a replacement.

Could you please send an email to us at with your Amazon order number, the serial number from the adapter package if you still have it, and your preferred shipping address? We’ll get that replacement out to you on Monday.

Thank you,
Plugable Support

Thanks David, I’ll follow your instructions.


Hi Andrew,

We got your information, and your replacement will go out today.