New Plugable Drive not recognised or booting


Why does my new plugable drive not detected?
Dell Vostro 1700 laptop on Vista bussiness service pack 2
32 bit, Ram 3.00GB
Plugable - power connected with power light on pink led (no blue as detailed in FAQ) haddrive working Maxtor Diamond Max 22, 500GB.
Have also tried options under already asked questions with no effect, new drive just not detected??

Please help



Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting your Plugable hard drive docking station to see your 500GB Maxtor drive.

Does this drive already contain data? Or is this drive blank?

If there is already data on the drive, where did it come from prior to being used in our dock?

Best wishes.


HI Josh,

I have already replied to this via email and have not had a reply from you since, in the event you have not received my reply.

Yes, my drive does contain data.

The drive was a slave drive used for archive purpose in my PC.

All appears to be working with docking station you can hear, see, and feel my Maxtor drive starts up when the docking station is turned on.

It appears the docking station is not detected by my laptop for whatever reason, maybe usb interface is faulty?

Look forward to comments or replacement of unit,


Hi John,

Thanks for replying again. We didn’t get an email from you unfortunately.

We’re more than happy to try sending you a pretested replacement and/or additional troubleshooting.

I’ll try contacting you directly to request some information.

Best wishes and sorry about the delayed response.