New PC on existing dock and adapters; USB displays now failing to reflect content reliably

I have had five UGA-2K-A adapters plugged into my work PC docking station for the last several years, and they’ve been GREAT.

That Dell Latitude E5440 was getting fluky, and due for replacement, so I now have a Dell Latitude E7470. Everything else has remained the same - still Windows 7 Enterprise, still same docking station with same adapters and monitors. The only difference I know of is that the old PC used DisplayLink 7.7 drivers, a version not supported on the new PC; that’s on 8.2.

The behavior I’m seeing is that windows on all of the displaylink monitors are failing to repaint. Sometimes I only get the window borders. Frequently, a window popping up over another is just a blank box. Almost constantly the window below is “painted” with what was on top of it, and doesn’t update back to itself when the window on top is dragged away. Instant message conversations don’t reflect current typing. Scrolling a window doesn’t do anything. But ALL of these conditions resolve (temporarily) if I move the window around a bit.

Please help - the only way I can function at work is with this bountiful screen real-estate, and now I feel as though I’m working on a postage stamp of two mere 1920x1080 monitors.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, as well as providing such a great breakdown of your configuration, the issues you are experiencing, and the evolution of changes that have occurred with your system.

Based on the individual items you are experiencing, I would like to gain some additional information regarding the drivers and software installed on your system, and check for errors that could be logged.

To do this, could you please visit and download and run the PlugDebug application, and then send the .zip output file that should be on your desktop to with “Ticket no 189197” in the subject line?

I appreciate you taking the time to send all this great information over, I know how frustrating it must be to have everything work correctly for a number of years, and then start causing errors as soon as other items are upgraded.

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support


I emailed the result of PlugDebug the same day as requested; please advise what next steps might be, as I continue being frustrated by this issue.



Hi Dan,

It looks as if the individiual email I sent out the same day after reviewing the PlugDebug output you sent was not received! I apologize for this, and I am sorry for the delay. I want to make sure you are getting a response, so I am going to post here, and send another follow up email as well!

After reviewing the logs, your individual DisplayLink drivers are up to date, but it looks as if your Graphics drivers are out of date, and your USB 3.0 host controller drivers are also out of date. We may need to update these in order to make sure everything is compatible.

However, because have a number of different connections connected, just to isolate everything as simple as possible. If you were to disconnect the docking station, and then attempt to connect 1 adapter to the system with a connected display, does the issue still occur for all individual adapters?

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support