New out of the box UD-ULTCDL 4K HDMI video not working

I just purchased a Triple Display docking station ( UD-ULTCDL). I followed the installation instructions and when I got everything connected I only have 2 of 3 monitors working. I have swapped cables and outputs but the 4K HDMI output will not provide any video to any of my 3 monitors. The laptop I have is an Asus Q524U,with a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, running Windows 10, the monitors I have are 3 AOC 24". When I’m in the DisplayLink Manager it only sees 2 of the external monitors and the laptop monitor. Is there something I missed, I have reinstalled the DisplayLink Manager software a couple of times rebooted the laptop as well as the docking station. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated otherwise I’ll be returning this product. Thank you.


Hi Arron,

Thank you for contacting Plugable! I am sorry to hear that your UD-ULTCDL docking station is not functioning as expected, and would be happy to provide additional support.

After looking up the specifications for your laptop (see → ), it looks like only the IR Camera model version of the laptop has a USB-C port that support USB Alt mode (4K video passthrough) and USB Power Delivery.

Could you kindly let me know which version of the laptop you are using with the dock, and confirm if the dock is charging your laptop as well?

Thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

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