New MacBook Air M2 won’t run 2 monitors with Plugable ud-6950pdz

Just got a new MacBook Air 15” - purchased the plugable docking station. Installed driver on computer as instructed and set it up as well. The doc station only will run 1 monitor. I’m using
New monitors w/ hdmi to hdmi cables. I tested bot usb-c pots on the computer- restarted etc to no avail. I really hope your docking station works with
This computer as advertised. Help!

Hi Sam​,

Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry this is not working as expected and I am happy to help!

The UD-6950PDZ USB Type-C Triple Display Docking Station is compatible with Apple Silicon based computers like the MacBook Air with M2 processor.

This docking station relies on two graphics technologies to support up to three external displays.

The “Display 2” and “Display 3” outputs are controlled by DisplayLink USB Graphics Technology, this is a combination of software on the computer and hardware on the docking station which extends the capability of the computer to support more displays than the computer was designed to support. This requires installing the DisplayLink drivers for Windows ( ) or the DisplayLink Manager App for macOS and configuring macOS to support the external displays ( for macOS 13:, for macOS 11, and 12: ).

The “Display 1” output relies on the computer’s internal graphics controller, it utilizes USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (“Alt-Mode” for short). This is an optional USB Type-C port feature which is not enabled on all computers. This relies on the computer’s built-in graphics drivers and requires the docking station to be connected directly to a USB Type-C port with Alt-Mode capability using the original USB Type-C data cable provided with the docking station. USB Type-C cables from other products, or purchased separately online may be charging cables that do not support Alt-Mode video data.

Please let me know which of the three display connections is working, and which outputs are not working. Each pair of HDMI/DisplayPort outputs is labeled “Display #” just below the ports.

I also recommend we ensure the DisplayLink Manager App is running on the computer and check for any errors, the DisplayLink Manager App must be running for the DisplayLink controlled display(s) to be detected and active on the system:

  1. Disconnect the dock from the system
  2. Check for the DisplayLink Manager App icon in the macOS status bar, to the left of the clock ( underlined red in my example below ):
    2a) If you do not see this icon:
    2b) Open the Finder > Go > Applications window
    2c) Double-click on the “DisplayLink Manager App”
  3. Click on the DisplayLink Manager App icon in the macOS status bar to expand the application window
  4. Check the box to “Launch app automatically after logging-in” if not already checked
  5. Check for any error messages in this window, error messages generally have a yellow triangle with exclamation point
    5a) Most error messages will include instructions for resolving the error
    5b) Clicking on the error message should open any settings panels necessary to resolve the error
    5c) If you see any error messages or are unsure how to proceed please attach a screen capture of this window to your reply email: Use the macOS keyboard shortcut [Command]+[Shift]+[4], then click and drag a selection box around the DisplayLink Manager App window, the screenshot will be saved to the desktop and can then be attached to your reply email.
  6. Reconnect the docking station to the computer and check for the external displays to be detected

Please let me know if this helps to get the external displays detected by the computer and working, and if not we can proceed from here.

Thank you,

Plugable Technology

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