Netflix not working with Plugable Docking Station

When trying to play netflix after plugging in the plugabel docking station I am getting error code S7363-1260-48444350 and it says display error, there appears to be a display problem. Please ensure your monitor is HDCP compliant and is not mirrored using airplay.

Hi Chad,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us via GetSatisfaction!

I was able to send over a response via email to your original question, but I want to make sure that I addressed everyone on this thread as well!

When utilizing HDCP based technology, all individual devices and cables inside of the chain have to support HDCP in order to function correctly. This means that even with a HDCP compliant display, or airplay, our docking station does not support HDCP and similar errors to the one you mentioned in your post, as well as performance based issues can also occur.

I also want to advise that currently, our USB 3.0 DisplayLink docking stations are not recommended or compatible when used with Mac OS X systems. We speak more to this in the following knowledgebase article:

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience,
Product Owner & Technical Support

Hi Everyone,

We reached out to Chad regarding his issue, and advised him of the incompatibility of both our docking station and Mac OS based systems, as well as HDCP not being supported by DisplayLink based products.

We have not heard back from him on either responses, but if you have any issues or questions related to his questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at and we will do our best to help resolve any issues, or answer any questions!

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support