NetBIOS over TCP/IP stays disabled for UD-ULTCDL and Ethernet

I have two docks, one with a Realtek USB Gigabit interface and the Plugable UD-ULTCDL with its DisplayLink Network Adapter NCM. The Realtek dock makes the laptop shares browseable by other workgroup computers, but the Plugable does not. It seems that with the Windows 10 Creator’s release, some people are having the problem that they can enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in the adapter settings, but ipconfig will show that it remains disabled and other PCs won’t see this laptop with net view. As soon as I switch to wireless or the Realtek dock NetBIOS over TCP/IP is bound correctly. Any tips?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting, and appreciate the detail you provided.

To the issue at hand, there is nothing within the dock itself or its associated DisplayLink driver that will prevent specific network connectivity. To expand further, the dock does not have any type of internal firewall nor does the DisplayLink driver for the Ethernet port (the Ethernet port acts the same as any other USB-attached Ethernet adapter) put in place any network restrictions on its own.

We also have not had any similar reports since the release of the Creators Update or Fall Creators Update, nor are we aware of any known issues with the DisplayLink driver that would cause the behavior you describe. While we won’t be able to help directly, we will do our best to help point you in the right direction.

As there could be any number of external factors causing the behavior, Microsoft has some general best practice guidelines available here ->… that may help.

Should those steps not produce results, there is the option to perform a ‘Network Reset’ as described by Microsoft as the last step in the aforementioned guide and as described directly here ->…

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