Neer Lor 2 months ago How to connect through the usb c to ethernet adapter on mac, not working

The adapter doesn’t seem to be working. When I plug it in, the two lights turn on for about 3 seconds then shuts off, there is no internet connection. Tried reinstalling the driver’s, didn’t fix it. Please advise, thanks.

Model: USBC-E1000

Hello Neer,

Sorry to hear about the issues getting the adapter working well with your Mac.

To start with, could you please run the command below in Terminal while the network adapter is plugged in and send back the files it generates with your responses to the questions above?

sudo cp /var/log/system.log ~/Desktop/system.log && sudo ifconfig \> ~/Desktop/ifconfig.txt && sudo system\_profiler \> ~/Desktop/system\_profiler.txt

This command may take a few minutes to complete (but not more than that). Once the command is finished, there should be three files on your desktop.

• system.log
• ifconfig.txt
• system_profiler.txt

These files will help me to check the current state of the driver software for the adapter, as well as if the adapter is functional.

Please send those files to with the subject line “For Ticket #189562”.

I look forward to hearing back so that I can better assist.