Need to know what application programs need to reinstall!

several files with WRL names followed by numbers? How do I open them? How do I get a list of application programs I need to reinstall in my new laptop? I transfer my files using your cable and software from my old laptop with Windows 7 to my new laptop with Windows 8.1. Your package states that with the Easy Transfer Cable and software I would get, at the end of the transfer, a list of the programs needed to be reinstalled. Please advise. Thanks

We worked with this customer via email on this issue. Posting the answer below for the benefit of others who may have similar questions:

WRL files are usually temporary files from Microsoft Word that were auto-saved/created while you were working with various documents. They were likely “hidden” on the old machine, which is why you did not see them previously. To confirm this, right-click on one of these files and select “Properties”. On the window that opens, look for what follows “Type of file:” - if it says “TMP File” or “Temporary File”, there likely shouldn’t be a problem deleting it. Once you’ve installed Office, you can open the files in Word if you would like, and confirm that they don’t contain anything necessary prior to deleting them.

Regarding the list of programs requiring installation on the new computer, that is something that is generated by the “Windows Easy Transfer” software. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft removed the functionality of this useful program. So when 8.1 is on one of the systems, the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software will need to be used.

So with the Bravura software, you will not get a list of applications that need to be installed after the data is copied. Usually this isn’t much of an issue - you’ll just want to reinstall the applications that you’d like to have on the new machine. For most people, this involves Microsoft Office and a few other applications that they regularly use. If there are specific files that you cannot open because they require a specific program and you’re unsure what that program is, please let us know and we can investigate what will need to be installed to open these files.