Need some advice for an odd setup

My current setup: A Yoga 710-151KB i5 laptop with 8gb ram, hooked up to a Plugable UD-3900. One 1080p monitor attached to the DVI part of the Plugable. A 2nd 1080p monitor attached to the hdmi section of the plugable. I have an Xbox One that is attached via hdmi to an hdmi switch. The hdmi monitor is also attached to the switch. So basically I have a 2 monitor setup for work with the ability to push a button that turns one monitor into my gaming monitor. It works well.

Now, the Xbox Series X with 4k support is coming out during the holidays. I would like to run it off of a 4k monitor and use a similar setup to what I have. Is there a Plugable hub that would enable me to run 4K at 60hz on the new 4k monitor but keep the 2nd 1080p monitor? Also, if you know, would I need to replace the existing hdmi switch with one that could handle 4k?

Any help you can provide would be great!



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for posting!

We do offer USB 3.0 4K docking stations. I would recommend our new Plugable USB 3.0 Dual 4K HDMI/DisplayPort Dock (UD-6950Z):

A few points to note however:

  1. This dock supports two DisplayPort or HDMI monitors. You mentioned that your 1080p monitor connects via DVI currently, so you’ll want to make sure that monitor supports an HDMI or DisplayPort connection
  2. While I understand it will be your gaming console connected to the 4K monitor, I just want to remind you that we do not support gaming through our DisplayLink-based docking stations
  3. We haven’t tested our docks through HDMI switches, so we can’t guarantee compatibility there. However, if it works with your UD-3900 dock, that is promising to hear for compatibility

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.



Awesome. I was also looking at the UD-6950H. Would that work as well?

Certainly, our Plugable UD-6950H is also an option if you would like.

Please note that the three points I noted above are all still applicable to this dock as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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