"Need(!)" Blu-Ray compatible USB (2.0) to HDMI adapter

I have used a UGA-2K-A (USB 2.0) to connect my HP TouchSmart 600-1265qd to an HP 2709m monitor for about 1 year. At the time, plugable did not make a USB-HDMI adapter that was compatible with my internal Blu-Ray drive (HP DVDWD TS-TB23L) due to the chip set.

Does plugable now make a USB (2.0) to HDMI adapter that will allow me to view my BR movies on my external monitor? (I don’t need audio capability through the adapter).

Thanks! !](https://s3.amazonaws.com/satisfaction-production/s3_images/686127/north-american-b-25-mitchell-bomber-finito-benito-01_inline.png)](https://s3.amazonaws.com/satisfaction-production/s3_images/686127/north-american-b-25-mitchell-bomber-finito-benito-01.png)

Hi Donald,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, that limitation still applies - we don’t offer any USB graphics adapters with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support that satisfies Blu-Ray requirements. Sorry.

Blu-Ray player applications won’t play Blu-Ray discs if a graphics output does not have approved content protection.

Here’s more background:

There is no USB 2.0 chip on the market which has the necessary hardware for Blu-Ray approved content protection. DisplayLink’s USB 3.0 chips do (they have a variant of these chips available which does support HDCP over USB. DisplayLink USB 3.0 generation adapters can be used on a USB 2.0 Windows system), but we don’t currently have plans to offer any products with HDCP content protection. This is because of licensing costs, liability, and sensitivity of Blu-Ray playback over USB.

So while we won’t be offering what you’re looking for, if you stay on the lookout for DisplayLink USB 3.0 based adapters with HDCP support, there may be other brands of adapters that do.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help however we can.