Need better instructions to get started out of the box.

Where is user’s manual for UD-3000? I did the basics following the small startup document, but no clue what do to next??? Mouse works off of dock, but enet doesn’t. Might be helpful to supply some communication diagonostics that talk to your HW to know if things are set up and working properly.

I appreciate your helpful attitude, but shouldn’t these basics be ironed out before you go to market? I’m sure you don’t want your customers spending their valuable time diagnosing problems (my consulting fee is $100/hr). Folks like me just bought an off the shelf product with the expectation that its plug and play!

Hi DK,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! In most cases following the startup document is all that’s required to get the dock up and running. If you’re seeing an issue there may be other factors involved on your system or setup that we need to take a look at.

Let’s see if we can narrow down what might be going on:

  1. Is the ethernet connection the only part of the dock that’s not working? Is the DVI port working with external displays?

  2. You’ve probably already done this but just to double check, if you plug in the ethernet cord directly into your computer that works fine?

  3. Is the Ethernet cord connected from the dock to another router?

You can reply back to us directly at and we’ll get it figured out!