Native resolution problem - can't get 1680x1050 resolution with UGA-2K-A

I’m using a UGA-2K-A to connect a 22" monitor (1680x1050 native resolution) to a brand new HP Pavillion Elite HP-210F computer with ATI Radeon HD5040 graphics card. My monitor connected directly via DVI gives the correct native resolution, but the one connected via the Plugable UGA-2K-A only permits screen resolution settings of (1440x900 or 1440x1050). I’ve updated the driver software for the ATI Radeon 5040HD, but I still have the problem. What am I missing?

Thanks for posting! No problem, let’s figure out what’s happening.

The UGA-2K-A’s limit of 2048x1152 is independent of the main graphics controller (On Win7, the main graphics controller is used to render to offscreen buffers for the USB attached screen, but those buffers can be arbitrary size and swapped in/out).

So you shouldn’t see a lower limit with the UGA-2K-A than the main machine in this case.

Three things to check first:

* Are you running Win7? If you open the “Screen Resolution” control panel on Win7, is 1440x900 the highest mode offered?
* What is the make and model of monitor (so we can look up the specs)?
* What is the model name written on the back of the USB graphics adapter?

Thanks for these datapoints. We’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks, Bernie. Answers below:

  1. Yes, I’m running WIndows 7 and you are correct that when I open “Screen Resolution” the highest mode is 1440x900 (interestingly though 1440x1050 is the next lower resolution on the list).

  2. I have two ViewSonic 2240W monitors (one connected via DVI and the other through the UGA-2K-A).

  3. I just checked and see that I have the UGA-125 model on the computer that is giving me trouble. I have a UGA-2K-A on another machine that looks identical. I just swapped it to see if it makes a difference and it now gives me 1680x1050 on the “Screen Resolution” and looks to be fine. I guess I need to return the UGA-125 and replace it with a UGA-2K-A.


You got it. The UGA-125 ($49.95) is limited to the modes you were seeing (1440x900 / 1400x1050), where the UGA-2K-A ($64.50) goes up to 2048x1152.

For a table with all our choices, this post has a good one…

We make returns easy through Amazon … or another option is to buy a relatively inexpensive ~$100 1440x900 monitor to pair with the UGA-125 to make this a 4-screen system. :slight_smile:

Either way, glad to have the mystery solved. Thanks!