Native monitors stay dead after sleep/monitor off mode.

When coming back from sleep mode, or even when the monitors turn off after a given time, Only the monitor using the usb pluggable video card turns back on. My laptop and other displays connected directly to my laptops dock do not.

I have tried setting the plugable monitor both as the main display and not as the main display.

The only solution I have found is restarting my computer. When I restart all the monitors turn on and function properly.



Hi David,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

You don’t mention which Plugable product you are using, can you let us know the model USB video adapter you are using?

From your description it sounds as if the Plugable adapter is working well but something within the laptop or the dock itself is not. This sounds similar to an issue I helped a previous customer with in that the Lenovo dock for the Lenovo laptop itself was not working properly due to a combination of a faulty dock and faulty dock power supply causing similar behavior to what you are experiencing. Is it possible to remove the dock from the equation is only temporarily to see if the behavior is any different?

Thank you,

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