My usbc-695ou just stopped working

Each HDMI cable works independently for display monitors in both my laptops. but when I plug them into the plugable unit and then plug into the laptop neither display will work. I’ve tried all the c ports available and cross tried other c cables in those ports and those devices work. stumped.

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out. We noticed that you had contacted us directly through our support channel and created a ticket (ticket #428106). We wanted to let you know that we have responded to this ticket with detailed troubleshooting steps to help with this issue.

If you could please reply to the ticket and let us know if these troubleshooting steps have helped we would be happy to provide the next best steps if needed. Or, if you have not received a response from us through our support channel, please let me know, and we would be happy to resend the response to help move this case forward.


Michael S.

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