My UGA-2K-A stopped working

I have been using the UGA-2K-A and more recently the new USB 3.0 version. I have 3 UGA’s and 2 USB 3.0 adapters. I have a Dell XPS 17 (2 D model). Windows 64 Ultimate, 16 Gig.

I have three locations I use the laptops, Canada, US and Work

In Canada:

I was using the 3 UGA-2K-A adapters and the external monitor jack via the cable to convert from the special jack to a VGA cable. This was working fine to power 4 external monitors.

I relocated to the US:

I bought 4 new monitors (). (Samung) and I was able to get the three adaptors working but when I plug in the 4th monitor using the Laptop External Cable I get the Blue Screen of Death, I was debugging with Dell and they are going to replace my mother board which has not happened yet. In the mean time I switched to using 2 new USB 3.0 Plugables and two of the UGA-2K-A Plugables and this works fine with one quirk.

When I use the laptop without the external monitors or only one external at work

The other problem is when I change configurations. Primarily from running the desktop without any external monitors or only one (at work) with the third UGA-2K-A if I plug in the USB cables when I power up or come from sleep most of the time the system comes up but all the monitors inclusing the laptop comes up dark. The Laptop is running because I can connect to the hard disk over my network. The workaround is to start the computer or come from sleep without the adapters plugged in and after I log in connect the adaptors.

Today when I came from home to work and power up connected to the one monitor using the UGA-2K-A my system would come up with the monitors Dark. I rebooted and same problem with or without the plugable plugged in, I had to do a system restore to get the system to come up with the internal monitor working.

Now when I plug in the Pluggable it does not work. The green light flashed briefly and then stays out,

Sorry for the long explanation but as you can see I am having several different issues, The most pressing one is the one pluggable not working at all at work. I am also concerned when I go home tonight my 4 external monitors a t home may also not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Bill,

I’ve sent you a message from our private support system.The complexity of the problems you’re facing requires additional troubleshooting that would be best handled through this other system. Please look for a mail from and reply to it to continue the support discussion.

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ok, thanks!