My previous thread about the 6950 adapter seems to have been 'orphaned'...can you move it to this sub-forum?

I can’t figure out why, but my previous post about this adapter does not appear to be in any of the product-specific sub-categories…I’m not sure if it’s because you added all of the sub-categories recently, and as a result any prior postings have been orphaned / do not appear in any support sub-forum page…but I have been posting updates to that old thread, but I don’t know if they are being seen by Plugable support…just where on the support forums does my old thread exist? And can you move it here, where it belongs?

Thanks for your post. I will re categorize the original thread, but I just wanted to make you aware that we are receiving notifications of the posts.

This was likely a result of a forum migration that took place September of 2018 and some posts may not have been properly re categorized. I have move the category of the original topic to the USB3-6950-HDMI category. Based off of the title of the topic it should be located in the USB3-6950-HDMI sub category (

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David W.
Plugable Technologies

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