My Plugable USB-C 4 K isn't working


I’m Rob and I’ve recently purchased the Plugable usb-c 4 k docking station so I can connect my 3 monitors working from my new Mac Mini M1.

1st monitor is an acer ultra wide which is connects via HDMI or Display port, neither of them are working with the Plugable device.

My 2nd monitor is a Wacom Critq pro, which works with Display port, but not with HDMI.

My 3rd screen is an Apple Thunderbolt Display ( )

Also doesn’t work with the device. So the HDMI doesnt work at all

One thing to note, is when I purchased this from Amazon, I had a funny feeling that this device has already been used by someone else, I just had that funny feeling when I noticed some details in the box didn’t sit right with me, it was the way the cables was tired together, it didn’t seem to be professionally packed properly.

This device wasn’t a cheap purchase at all, and im very disappointed that its not working.

Please please can you help me.

Best regards.


As an update to this thread, Rob reached out to us directly and we moved forward with a warranty replacement given the problems reported.

Upon receiving the replacement, Rob confirms that the new unit is working as expected!

I’ll be closing this thread, but for any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a new topic or reach out to us at We’re glad to help.

Best wishes,