My Plugable USB Audio Adapter has an audio latency issue. How can I improve the audio response time?

I plugged my electronic keyboard into the input jack and my headphones into the headphone jack. There is a delay from the time I hit the key to the time I hear the note on my headphones. This can’t happen if I want to stay in time. Does the Plugable tech team have any answers for me? I bought this device thinking this would solve my “one audio jack” issue with my laptop. Unfortunately the issue is not solved. Please help.

Hello Jeff,

I sorry to hear this. Just to clarify, the built-in microphone jack on your laptop has the same issue?

I am only aware of USB audio lag (and this is universal to all USB audio adapters) if you are recording audio (a lengthy example article talking about this problem here “Setting the Recording Latency” ->…). So actively offsetting the audio is the only way of correcting this issue. This might be the same inherent problem that you are experiencing. Do you have the same problem when connecting your headphones to your keyboard?

Thanks for the reply. I’m playing live to an MP3 that is saved on my computer. The response time of the USB adapter is not real time. There lies the issue. This issue does not occur when using headphones plugged into my keyboard. I guess the adapter is not a viable solution.

You are welcome. Unfortunately for this application there is nothing we can do for the latency. I apologize for the inconvenience.