my outlook doesn't open when plugged into usbc-4k docking station

says outlook has stopped working

Hello Marc, thank you for posting! I am sorry to hear of this behavior and I will be happy to help.

We have not had similar reports where Outlook will not start. Just to clarify, disconnecting our dock from the system and then launching Outlook works?

Does the same issue also affect other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or just Outlook?

Please let us know this additional information whenever you have a moment and we’ll go from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

Migrated from previous Plugable Support Forum 09/06/2018 by Bill Haskins:

This is definitely an ongoing issue - reproducible on the current Outlook 2016 (O365) client in my environment. Opening my laptop (enabling laptop display) allowed me to open Outlook, and enabling hardware acceleration (unchecking “disable hardware acceleration” in Options/Advanced) solved the issue for a while - but it seems to have returned, even with hardware acceleration enabled. Here are some details (forwarded to Microsoft fyi):


  • Laptop: Lenovo Yoga 900 13ISK2
  • OS: Windows 10.0.17134
  • Display Adapter: Plugable UD-ULTC4K; Driver version 8.5.3594.0
  • External Displays (both connected via DisplayPort):
    — Samsung LC34F791WQNXZA @3440x1440 100Hz
    — Acer G247HYU @ 2560x1440 60Hz
  • Client: Outlook 2016 v1808 (Build 10730.20088 Click-to-Run)

Issue description: Outlook fails to open – prompts user for account and credentials, but fails to open after “processing” or “loading profile”. Full troubleshooting on client performed (safe mode, SRA, repair, rebuild profile, etc.) - no resolution

Solution / Reproduction: Open Outlook with laptop screen open – success. Close screen, Outlook runs fine. Close/reopen Outlook with laptop closed, issue persists. Open Outlook with Laptop open – Options/Advanced: Enable Hardware Acceleration - issue resolved (temporarily - see note)

Note: the issue has returned spontaneously - verified Hardware Acceleration is still enabled. After validating my system specs, I realize I’m probably overdriving the Plugable dock running the ultrawide Samsung at 100Hz (defaulted to that). I just hard-set its refresh rate to 60Hz and will keep an eye on things (screens have been going blank during video calls, but come back after a second - maybe due to refresh mismatch).