My MacBook Pro doesn't recognize my dock thunderbolt 3

I update my MacBook Pro since my Mac doesn’t recognize the dock
and it doesn’t load to
but when I plug my iPad Pro it load
I don’t know why


Thank you for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Can you tell me what model dock you have? We have several different USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 docks.

A Thunderbolt 3 dock won’t need any drivers so an update shouldn’t have broken support, and a Thunderbolt 3 dock won’t work with your iPad, so I would assume you have one of our USB-C docks instead.

Once I know what model you have, I’ll be better able to assist you.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry

Senior Engineer
Plugable Technologies |

My dock is TBT3-UDV thunderbolt 3 with host charging

Thanks for this information. The TBT3-UDV dock doesn’t require any drivers, etc, so if it has stopped working after an OS update, it’s possible that the dock and computer may need to be reset.

Please be sure to also be using the Thunderbolt 3 cable that the dock shipped with. If used with a third party cable, the dock may not work correctly. (example: the white Apple charging cables are USB-C 2.0 only and won’t support the Thunderbolt 3 function of the dock)

If you haven’t already done so, fully unplug the dock from all devices, power, and Thunderbolt 3 cable to the host computer. Wait about 30-60 seconds, then reconnect the power cable first, Thunderbolt 3 host cable next, and USB devices last. Sometimes a reset in this order can resolve this issue.

If this alone doesn’t help, we may also want to perform an SMC reset:

Finally, if this still doesn’t help, let’s get some diagnostic information from your system. We have a troubleshooting tool that helps us find out what is going on in situations like this. Please plug the dock into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:


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