My Laptop stops working and needs to reboot

I own a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Core i5 laptop. Bought this product with 2 screens.

At least once a day, my computer freezes and I have to reboot it. At the beggining I thought this was a matter of the computer not running well, but I have been working away from home for a month and the computer is working nicely. I also thought this was caused by the Whatsapp app… not any more.

Anyone seen this happen before? Any way to fix this?


Thank you for contacting Plugable support. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. We would like to take a closer look at your system to better help assist but require some additional information. Instead of posting that information here, could you please contact us directly via email? To do this, please email us at In the subject of your direct email, please reference case 376373, which will allow us to match things up and then provide the next steps.

Apologies for the extra steps in the process, and we thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Best regards,

Michael S.

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