my green light does not come on with the SATA docking station.

Brand new USB 3.0 HDD docking station from Amazon. Green light will not come on when plugging it into the wall. I can return it to Amazon, but is there a simple fix so I can use it and avoid the hassle of the return?

Hi Randal,

Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear about the problem with your new SATA dock. We’ll be happy to get you a tested unit. Just send an email to with your Amazon Order Id, the best address for us to ship to and a link to this thread and I’ll get one on it’s way.


Will do. Thanks Jerome.


Thanks Randal!

Hi Jerome,

No response to my email a couple of weeks ago (sent 12/30/12 to Can you please respond? Otherwise I’ll just ship it back to Amazon, but I don’t want to cross paths if you are going to ship one.


never mind - I see my problem (typo). Will try again.


Hi Randal - Thanks for catching the typo! We got your response and Jerome will be on it. Thanks!

Thanks Randal,

We’ll get you fixed up!

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