my desktop appears on the monitor but no icons are showing

I plugged in the monitor on the plugable docking station. My desktop appears, but my icons do not. The mouse works via the docking station.

Hi Lila,

Thanks for contacting us, we’ll be happy to assist. It sounds like you’ve gotten your docking station set up and working correctly, now we’ll just get it configured to your liking.

There are two ways to use multiple monitors for you to choose from, “extended display” and “mirrored” displays.

It sounds like your display is in “mirror” mode where the taskbar and icons show on only one monitor. You can then drag your windows onto the other screen so you’ll have twice as much desktop space. You can arrange the layout to match the actual layout or your monitors through the display properties. You can find the display properties by right clicking on the desktop background and choosing personalize–>display–>change display settings.

Here you can move the monitors around to match your actual monitors so the placment will be correct. Click “identify” to see which monitor windows is calling 1 and 2.

The mode is “mirrored” this is generally not preferred because the displays both will be set to the same resolution. Unless the two monitors are the same size one of them will most likely be mismatched.

If you are running Windows Vista or 7 you can press and hold the windows key and then press the p key to cycle through the options. Here the options to look for are duplicate and extend.

If you aren’t on Windows Vista or 7, or if you need any other assistance please reply with some details about your system like the operating system you have and the model of Plugable product you are using.

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes.


Plugable Technologies