my dell wont charge

I purchased a new unit on Amazon yesterday and received it today everything else works but my dell venue 8 pro will not charge.

Sorry to hear about this issue.

I’d recommend if you haven’t tried already to fully shutdown the tablet and turn it back on. Sometimes when charging is an issue, this can resolve it.

If that doesn’t work, double check that the Micro B to Micro B cable is firmly attached to both dock and tablet.

After that if it still doesn’t work, we may need to contact you directly via email to collect some additional information.


Sorry I have no responded sooner I did do a full shut down as well as made sure everything was connected properly and my venue still does not charge I don’t know what the issue could be. It connects to the pro 8 dock and everything else works fine but does not charge

I’d like to try sending you a replacement dock. I’ll email you directly for some information.