My Asus lapptop doesnt recognize the Plugable UD-3900

My plugable 3900 was working on and off OK. Occasionally, I’d get a message that “The last USB device you connected to this PC has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.”. After power cycling and plugging/unplugging, I could get it back. Now nothing seems to work. Is the unit really bad?
Please help!

Hi Kim,

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about the issues, but I’ll be happy to help.

Usually (though not always) a “…USB device has malfunctioned…” error is an indication of a problem with the device or cable. I think it’ll be a good first step to have a look at some log files to see if there’s any additional clues regarding the behavior.

Please run our troubleshooting/log-gathering tool from the link below at your convenience. You’ll want to run it with the 3900 attached to your system. After the program completes, there will be a .ZIP file saved to your Desktop. Please send to to with “Ticket 90491” in the subject and we’ll have a look.

Also, please send your Amazon Order ID from the purchase of the dock in the email as well.


Hi Gary,
I don’t see the link to the troubleshooting tool…

HI Kim,

D’oh - sorry about that! Link:


i have the same exact problem. did this help anyone?

Hi J.

If you haven’t already done so, could you please run the troubleshooting tool linked to above (Link: ) and email the .ZIP file it creates to

We’ll have a look and see what the best course of action will be.