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My old computer: Windows XP, my new computer: Windows 7

I installed everything as directed onto both computers, including the download of the Bravura package. After the transfer was complete, all of the album art, and song info transferred. The file size would show as correct, but when I tried to play any song that originated from a compact disc, all that would happen would be a couple seconds of audible digital blips. What is wrong, and how can this problem be solved?

Any music file that was a download from the internet (from any source) transferred without problem.


Hi Stevan,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to help. The first thing that comes to mind is that it sounds like the music files didn’t completely transfer. To troubleshoot, try going into the folder that has the music files that aren’t working and see if they are the same size as they are on the older machine.

What do you find? Also, can you say, were all of the music files from the same Windows account on the older machine? Did everything else like documents and pictures transfer correctly?

Let me know these details and we’ll figure out the best next steps.

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Hi Jerome,

Thanks for the reply. I have tried all of your suggestions. I compared several song files by looking at the general info window in properties on both computers. All info matched up, same file size and file type, song duration, everything.

As far as I know all of the music files on the older computer were from the same Windows account. The computer has only been used by me since day one. All of my other documents and pictures transferred without issue.


Hi Stevan,

Thanks for sending in the additional details. We’ll continue to work with you via our ticketing system.


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From Windows site…

Transferring files and settings: frequently asked questions


Windows Easy Transfer moves your music and video files, including files protected by digital rights management (DRM), but it doesn’t move the licenses for these types of files. To re-obtain rights to the files, you’ll need to contact the provider of the files. Some online stores offer this and might refer to it in different ways, such as computer activation, computer authorization, library restoration, or license synchronization. The procedure for restoring your digital rights varies from store to store. A store might limit the number of times that you can restore your rights, or it might limit the number of computers on which you can use the songs or videos that you’ve obtained from them. Some stores don’t permit you to restore rights to protected files at all. For details about store policies, refer to your store’s customer support or Help information. If your music or video was obtained from a store that’s no longer in business, you won’t be able to restore your rights to that content.