Multipoint workstation not detected

I am using Windows Multipoint OS 2011. I am trying to set up workstations using the DC-125. When I plug in the the DC-125, it comes up correctly in the device manager with no issue. Then, when I go to the workstation monitor, I have nothing.

Also, the mouse plugged into the DC-125 becomes the primary workstation mouse along with the previous mouse.

I am at a loss to get Multipoint to detect that it has another station. Can you help?

Thanks for posting! We’ll figure out what you’re missing.

  1. One-time hardware configuration and install of drivers must be done in WMS’s “maintenance mode”, then switch back to “normal mode” to use the terminals. Here’s how you switch to maintenance mode:…

  2. Once in maintenance mode, the only drivers you need are for the USB graphics portion of the device. Just downloaded and install from…

With those drivers installed, in maintenance mode you should see one large extended desktop spanning all the monitors. Then, when you reboot into “normal” mode, they’ll come up as terminals.

Let us know if any problems crop up in these two steps - we’re here to help.

Thanks for your patience!

Bernie I did all this process but still having problems with my NEW DC-125, the equipment work on in windows 7 to show as and Extended Screen.

The MWS detect the equipoment but never create a new driver for the Display. can you help us?


No problem - we’d be glad to help.

How many terminals ( do you have to connect?

Quick questions to figure out what’s going wrong

  1. What version of Windows Multipoint Server is the PC running (hopefully 2011?)
  2. Have the DisplayLink drivers specific to WMS (…) installed without error?
  3. Have you already gotten the DC-125 working in maintenance mode, before switching to standard to use as a terminal (here’s how:…)

Thanks for this extra info - it’ll help us figure out next steps.

Best wishes!

Hello again web ate trying to use 1 station right now.

About yours questions

  1. Mws 2011
  2. The driver we use is the MWS 5.6 from the webpage of plugable
  3. What do you mean with this point?

Thanks for your quick reply!

Windows Multipoint Server has two modes: “Maintenance” and “Standard”.

The intent is you’d switch into “Maintenance” mode to configure all attached terminals, and then switch into “Standard” to use them.

In Maintenance mode, you can install new drivers and you’ll also see all attached terminals as one big extended desktop. This is nice, because you can make sure they’re working in this mode - if they are, then things should be fine if you reboot into standard mode.

Microsoft’s documentation provides more information about Maintenance mode vs. standard mode.

Does the screen attached to the DC-125 come up as part of the desktop in Maintenance mode?

Thanks for your patience,

Bernie was instrumental in correcting my issue. All is now working for me. I have never been supported by a company as much as Bernie supported me.

Thanks again!

Bernie i just run the WMS2011 in maintenance again, the WMS detect the station and you can use the Keyboard and Mouse but not the current Monitor.

The monitor plug to the DC-125 never show any image (i tested install the drivers on windows 7 and the DC-125 work as extended monitor).

In the Device Manager i have the “DisplayLink Dispay Adapter (037C)” as a USB Display Adapter.

What could be wrong, Do you have any idea why could be this?


That sounds like the same issue that I had. Are you absolutely certain that your video card is compatible? When you installed Multipoint, did you get an error saying that you may have incompatibilities?

Thanks, and this information helps - if the monitor isn’t coming up in Maintenance mode, it’s likely something we can figure out quickly.

Could you run DisplayLink’s support tool (here’s how:…) in Maintenance mode and email the .zip file it generates on your desktop to We should be able to see what’s going wrong.

Thanks for your patience - given that the unit works fine on normal Windows client machines, we know we should be able to get things going. Thanks!


If it looks like things are at an impasse, please feel free to email us at We’d be glad to get in touch - it’s likely something small that needs corrected about the configuration. We want to get your setup going!