Multipoint Server Configuration error

Every time I try to open Multipoint Server system it promt a screen with the following message “Multipoint Server configuration error”, I follow directions and get the same answer over and over again… please help,thank you

Hi Gil,

Thanks for posting! If I’m not mistaken, you reached out to us last week via out direct support email address. I was the technician that replied directly so I’m jumping in here as well.

It sounds like you are running into a configuration issue while trying to install the Windows MultiPoint Server operating system trial on your server hardware. Unfortunately providing support for the operating system installation is outside of the scope of the support we can provide when using our USB Multi-seat clients. I would recommend reviewing the documentation that Microsoft provides here –>… for guidance in installing the operating system, and for specific issues would recommend posting in Microsoft’s MultiPoint user community here –>…

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

I have the same problem. Any help please?

Hi Atlas - We haven’t sold products for Windows Multipoint in a while. Could you contact with your details, including your Amazon order #?  Thanks for your patience!