Multiple Plugables?

Can more than one of these be used in series? This would be used in XP with a device that can write the data to a 4500rpm HD-- so speed is not needed. I would need at least two, and suspect the answer will be “try it and see.”

Hi Rich,

Thanks for asking ahead. It sounds like you’re looking at one of our USB SATA HDD docking stations, is that right?……

If not, just let us know. If so …

USB works with a hub topology (connect one hub, and connect many devices to it), rather than daisy chaining in series.

You can definitely connect many at a time - each drive will get its own drive letter. If you’re good with USB 2.0 speeds, just combine with any of our USB 2.0 hubs like the… and you’ll be able to attach many (USB 2.0 has a total limit of 127 hubs and devices, up to 5 deep).

Hope that helps. Thanks again and happy Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, but I am not sure you understand the need. I am looking around for a replacement device for a currently owned and used 1394 repeater that communicates over 300ft of LCLC fiber. As previously mentioned-- speed is not a priority, This is to carry up to 24 channels of 24/96 audio, which really doesn’t need blazing thruput.

The big question is how many of what product do I need to achieve that length?


Hi Rich,

Ah, got it. Unfortunately, you can’t get there with standard USB 2.0 cabling (copper) – you could chain up to 3 of our USB 2.0 10 meter cables (, plus a powered hub at the end to power the audio device, after the 3 cables drew their portion from bus power (…), and then finally the audio device, to get to 30 meters/95 feet. And that would be inexpensive (3 cables + powered hub = less than $50).

To get really long distance, you need a solution to bridge USB signals over another medium like optical fiber. We don’t sell solutions like that and they’re pricey. But check out… for some options - we know they work well.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Like everything-- it’s all relative! My current setup was around $1k- but the new gear is happiest with USB-- not 1394. It’s also inevitable that I’ll be getting a new laptop that probably will not use the TI chipset/controller, and all other bets (such as Ricoh) are off. I

The Icron stuff is quite reasonable for CAT5 (>$400) but the fiber top $1k.

Thanks so much for the links!!