Multiple monitors with a laptop


I am considering purchasing your product, I just want to make it sure will solve my problem.

I have a HP Pavilion DV6700t laptop (32 bit vista ultimate) with a GeForce 8400M GS GPU. I want to connect 2 external monitors (Samsung Syncmaster: 1920x1080 and Dell 1901FP: 1280x800) as well as use my laptop’s monitor.

The GPU has outputs for HDMI, VGA, and S-video, however, when I connect the 2 monitors (1 by HDMI and 1 by VGA) it says that the GPU only supports 2 monitors! Though, it recognizes that both are connected.

I can connect to each one individually with no problem.

What I want is each monitor to be independent (i.e. I can have a different program running on each monitor, NO mirrored displays).

Will your adapter allow me to do this?


no, thank YOU for the quick reply and perfect solution! I am ordering one now!

Yes! this is exactly the kind of scenario the adapter is best for. The driver should be fully compatible with your HP Pavilion DV6700t (Vista Ultimate 32bit). The Core 2 Duo, while older at this point, should provide plenty of horsepower.

I’d recommend connecting the smaller monitor via USB, that way you won’t stress USB’s 480Mbs bus, and should see good performance at 1280x1024 on that system. Then, also you could buy our Plugable UGA-125 adapter, which maxes out at that mode but would save you $20.

If you want the flexibility to connect with larger monitors at their max resolution in the future (up to 2048x1152), then the UGA-2K-A you’re looking at is the best choice.

Thanks for your question!