multiple monitors (10 monitors) on windows 7.

I’ve seen the Video with the 14 monitors. Now I would like to go with 10 Monitors on my Windows 7. I’m thinking of buying the USB 2.0 to DVI adapter 10 times. Just wanted to know if it’s going to work. I already have got a powered 10 x USB Hub. Does it work with that one?

Yours Manu

The YouTube video was demonstrating a proof-of-concept on a USB 2.0 system, but as mentioned in the video annotation most newer systems support a maximum of 6 USB graphics displays. This is due to many factors, but especially USB endpoint limitations which we discuss in depth here if interested:…

There can also be other performance issues when using multiple graphics adapters, since all the USB adapters are sharing other key system resources like the CPU, RAM, and Graphics Processor.

Given the factors above, USB graphics may not be the right fit for your project.