Multiple monitor setup for Remote desktop session

I was looking into buying USB3.0 connectors/docking station to setup a 3 x 3 video wall, and want to expand even beyond this in the near future as well… the intent being to run a remote desktop session (Windows RDP/MSTSC) to a PC in the cloud. I want to select the “expand remote desktop” to all monitors onto the local PC.

I recently bought one of the AOC USB3.0 monitors which has either your chipsets in it or the chipsets that your devices are based upon. I hooked it to my laptop and ran the configuration outlined above as a test from my laptop. The remote desktop session only fills one screen, even though I select “fill all screens”.

Basically, I have the remote PC being a trading platform in the cloud, and need to be able to access it from many places of various monitor configurations… Ideally I’d like to use low end Windows PCs with many pluggable

On standard video cards these settings work flawlessly.

1.) Will this feature currently work with your products?
2.) If not, when will you have those capabilities written into your drivers?

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

All of our USB video adapters use DisplayLink chipsets (, as do the USB attached monitors made by AOC (for example the…). Plugable does not make the chipset itself or the AOC monitor you purchased. The drivers for all DisplayLink devices are developed by DisplayLink directly.

In regard to the remote desktop question, I would like to get a little more detail. If I understand correctly, you wish to have a system with multiple USB DisplayLink attached monitors in a 3x3 configuration for a total of six. You then wish to start a Microsoft Remote Desktop session to the original machine from another workstation with the same 3x3 monitor setup and have all the displays mirror one to one, is that correct?


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Hi Bob,

One minor correction, actually 3 x 3 = 9. But yes, overall you interpreted my blurb correctly. However…

After digging into this issue further, it turns out its’ a licensing issue with Microshaft Windows 7 that is getting in the way.

I have Pro on one PC that I was doing a remote desktop to, which wasn’t working. However, when I RDP’d to a machine that has Win7 Enterprise, it worked just fine.

So, I researched…

In order to get “true full-featured” multiple displays, (i.e. beyond just a simple span across screens) in an RDP session, you have to have Win7 Ultimate or Enterprise license on the far-end. One document even went so far as to say that it is also required on the initiating machine as well… (Unconfirmed though as I was running Win 8)

It seems to be just one (or two) more ways for the 800 pound gorrila to squeeze more cash out of everyone, for what should be standard basic features.

Based upon my test though, your product should work just fine just as long as Microsoft underservingly gets some more of our cash! They’re suppose to be making Windows free this year for pete’s sakes… :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back and correcting my remedial math skills :slight_smile:

I was aware of the Windows 7 remote desktop limitation depending on the edition in terms of multiple displays having used the setup in the enterprise previously and more importantly getting it going for my spouse. For whatever reason it is very difficult to get clear details on those facts. I was leaning in that direction with your first post, but wanted to be sure.

Let us know if you need any help in the future!


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